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Bullied Georgia Teen Receives $40,000 of Free Plastic Surgery


14-year-old Nadia Ilse before her surgery and after. (Photo:

We just found out about Nadia Ilse, a Georgia teen who received $40,000 worth of free plastic surgery to help her avoid being bullied at school. It’s a common story of a kid being harassed at school (or perhaps experienced), but this instance has an unusual ending.

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actually i think this story is pretty disgusting because instead of teaching her that she was beautiful anyway, they taught her that if she changed herself she would be beautiful.

It’s good that she’s more confident now, but it’s horrible that she had to go through plastic surgery to feel that way.

I was bullied all my life too, what, would paying to make me not fat make me REALLY feel that much more beautiful, or teach me that my beauty is conditional?

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    This is bizarre. I get why she wanted plastic surgery and her mom allowed it… but idk. It’s just sad.
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    fault is on them...appearance, rather than changing...allows...
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    This is INSANE. Pinning back her ears I understand, and that’s a relatively minor procedure and directly related to the...
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    actually i think pretty disgusting because instead
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